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Garden City Pets is here for your whole family, exotic and pocket pets included!

Our private, stress-free environment is the perfect place to board your exotic family pets. We care for a wide variety of small pets (i.e. animals other than dogs or cats) including rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rodents, birds, fish, and reptiles. For the comfort of your unique companion, we ask that you bring its own supplies: cage, food, bowls, bedding and anything else your pet may need while boarding.

Should you pet require a tank/aquarium set-up or require specific climate-control for your pet, please contact us in advance to confirm what items you will need to bring for your pet’s stay with us. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate venomous pets or primates of any kind. Our boarding facility provides animals with fresh water that is changed daily and pets are fed per owner’s directions. Owners are welcome to bring treats, fruits and vegetables for appropriate pets to enjoy during their stay.

If you have questions regarding the possible boarding of your unique pet, we encourage you to contact us to discuss in detail how we may best serve your pet’s needs.

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Rabbits, Ferrets, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, and Rodents



Lizards, Turtles, Fish, Snakes, and Spiders.



Rates reflect a 24-hour period




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Multiple Family Members

Exotic pets who live together at home may also board together in the same motel. We offer a discounted ‘sibling’ rate for each additional pet staying in the same motel. For pricing details, please see our Rates.

Extended/Long Term Stays

We offer extended and long term options for those who need more than a week long stay. All bookings 7 days or more require a 50% deposit. Please refer to our FAQ page for additional information regarding reservations exceeding 7 days.

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Exotic Critter Boarding Requirements


We require an annual exam within the last year with a clean bill of health. Additionally, your bird must have negative results on the appropriate Infectious Disease Panel specific to species.


All ferrets must be current on Rabies and Distemper. In addition, we require an annual exam within the last year with a clean bill of health.

We can not accept any pets for boarding or daycare with expired or expiring vaccinations. You may upload your pet’s vaccination records to your online account at time of booking, bring physical copies with you at time of check-in, or you may ask your vet’s office to email us the documentation in advance to




Visit Us

We invite you to schedule a tour our facility! A tour prior to your pet’s stay gives you time to ask questions and become familiar with Garden City Pets and our requirements. As we are a small, boutique facility we require all tours to be scheduled in advance via phone 406-239-7877.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours

By appointment only to ensure a stress-free arrival and departure for your pet!

Monday - Sunday

7am - 10:30am 

4pm - 6:30pm