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Lisa Marie

Head Paws in Charge

Garden City Pets owner, Lisa Marie has provided 10 + years of outstanding care to animals of all breeds and species. With a growing family of clientele, Garden City Pets was brought to life in 2007 and has continued to flourish since. As an experienced veterinary technician, Lisa Marie specializes in domestic and exotic animals, paired with specialities in horses, chickens, and various other livestock. With the help of the GCP team, Lisa Marie has continued to grow the family of furry friends in the Missoula area!

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Media Hound & Director of Marketing

Megan is a Texas-made media strategist who is in love with mountains, Montana and her lab Lilly Nelson. Megan brings more than 10 years of media and journalism experience to our team and with it, plenty of upbeat energy! Megan curates our blog, The Paw Print and is our in-house Marketing Director. Be sure to connect with her for all things Garden City Pets!


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