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A Private Haven for Felines.

Housed in a separate part of our facility, our cat boarding accommodations allow your feline friends to enjoy their own multi-level cat condo, while securely tucked away from our canine friends.

Our cat condos are quiet and relaxing, with window views to watch the birds and outdoor critters throughout the day. Each cat condo contains cozy bedding, multiple resting platforms, and a private litter box that is cleaned daily.

All condos are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants and freshened daily. In addition to their own spacious condo, our boarding cats are welcome to spend the day relaxing and socializing around the Garden City Pets cattery and cuddling with our certified pet professionals.

Our condos are exposed to natural sunlight so your cat can sunbathe beneath the windows, enjoy a tranquil cat-nap, or explore our numerous cat towers. Our cat condos are designed to sleep anywhere from 1 cat to families of up to 2 cats.

Your pet's diet is important to us! We proudly serve Hills Science Diet food for a small fee per meal however, it is highly recommended your cat or kitty is kept on their normal food to eliminate any chance of stomach upset during their stay.

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Our Cat Boarding Accommodations Include:

  • Spacious condos with comfortable bedding and soothing music

  • 24/7 supervision and care by on-site owner and certified staff

  • Meals prepared according to your cat’s normal feeding routine and continuous fresh water

  • Ample windows with natural light to cat-nap or bird watch

  • Numerous cat towers to climb and play

  • Private play time with our certified pet professionals



Rates reflect a 24-hour period





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A Day In The Life of Our Guests.

Each morning at 7:00 am all boarding cats are provided their scheduled breakfast. Should your cat “graze” or “free feed”, their food and water will be replenished. Breakfast is served in the privacy of their own condo.

We proudly serve Hills Science Diet food for a small fee per meal however, it is highly recommended your cat is kept on their normal feeding routine to eliminate any chance of stomach upset during their stay. 

A short while after after breakfast, all cats boarding with us  are given the opportunity to stretch their legs outside of their condo, explore our cat towers, or bird watch out of our windows.

At this time their condos are freshened and their litter boxes cleaned. Dinner or food and water replenishment begins at 6 pm. After dinner, all cats return to their condo to retire for the night.



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Multiple Family Members

Cats who live together at home may also board together in the same condo. We offer a discounted ‘sibling’ rate for each additional pet staying in the same condo. For pricing details, please see our Rates.

Extended/Long Term Stays

We offer extended and long term options for those who need more than a week long stay. All bookings 7 days or more require a 50% deposit. Please refer to our FAQ page for additional information regarding reservations exceeding 7 days.

Cat Boarding Requirements

We require documentation from your licensed veterinarian confirming your cat or kitty is current on both their Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations prior to their stay with us. We can not accept any cats for boarding or daycare with expired or expiring vaccinations.

You may upload your pet’s vaccination records to your online account at time of booking, bring physical copies with you at time of check-in, or you may ask your vet’s office to email us the documentation in advance to

Any pets with expired or expiring vaccinations will not be admitted to our facility even with a reservation. An automatic cancellation fee is charged for reservations cancelled due to expired vaccinations*

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Visit Us

We invite you to schedule a tour our facility! A tour prior to your pet’s stay gives you time to ask questions and become familiar with Garden City Pets and our requirements. As we are a small, boutique facility we require all tours to be scheduled in advance via phone 406-239-7877. We suggest scheduling a day of Daycare to better acquaint your pet to Garden City Pets in advance of his/her initial stay.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours

By appointment only to ensure a stress-free arrival and departure for your pet!

Monday - Sunday

7am - 10:30am 

4pm - 6:30pm