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Treat your dog with a day of play or specialty treat!

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Nail Trim - A paw-dicure for your pup! Trims are done as tolerated by your dog. We aim to make your pet’s stay with us as comfortable as possible. Trims will be discontinued and a refund issued for any dogs displaying signs of discomfort.

Bath & Brush - Our signature Bath & Brush option includes a deep cleansing shampoo, a silky smooth conditioning treatment and thorough coat brushing. An aromatic blend of aloe vera, vitamins and silk proteins enhance and condition your dog’s coat leaving them with a brilliant sheen for days. Our Bath & Brush option starts at $30 and depends on pet’s size and coat.

Brush & Fluff - A basic brushing with an added spritz of dog-friendly cologne! This does not include any de-shedding or de-matting treatments. Perfect for those who want a fresh smelling dog at pick-up without signing up for a full Bath & Brush!

Ear Cleaning - Remove the dirt and wax build up in your pets ears with our soothing non-irritating ear cleanser!

Teeth Brushing - Help get those canine teeth clean with our pet-friendly toothpaste, followed by an oral rinse for fresh minty breath!

Bubbly Blueberry Facial - Our pet-friendly facial utilizes powerful antioxidants to clean, whiten, and brighten your dog’s face! An excellent way of naturally enhancing the coat’s color while providing a light massage and calming aromatherapy experience for your dog.

Breakfast in Bed - A delicious medley of “Bacon” Beggin Strips and organic farm-fresh scrambled eggs from our very own free-range chickens! This can be in addition to your dog’s breakfast or served as a separate dish.

Pumpkin Rice Latte - A chilled dish of pureed organic pumpkin and cooked white rice. This can be in addition to a meal or served as a separate dish! Wonderful choice for sensitive stomachs or a special treat!

Lunch & Learn - All daily meals served in an interactive toy or food puzzle!

House Meal - We proudly serve Hills Science Diet. Krazy for Kong - A classic Kong toy specified for your dog’s size filled with organic peanut butter. A great choice for active chewers!

Bedtime Biscuit - A calming bedtime treat made of premium, grain-free ingredients. Makes for the ideal "midnight snack"!

Big Ol’ Bully Stick - A natural chew toy and savory treat that also cleans teeth and exercises gums!

Frozen Bliss - A classic Nyla Bone smeared and packed with all natural, organic peanut butter and tasty treats then frozen!

Sniff N' Stroll - Nature Walk - A nature walk on our scenic trails. We have 12 wooded acres for your dog to explore. Perfect for those dogs who love extra time to explore and sniff!

Hike the Day Away - Choose between a 30 or 60 minute hike for your pooch on our private 12 acre property. Hike intensity can be scheduled from mild to moderate, depending on your pet's preferences!