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Treat your cat with a extra of play or specialty treat!

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Breakfast in Bed - Treat your feline friends to an all natural, grain free, wet food in addition to their meals, or just as a snack! Flavors include salmon and tuna - depending on your pet’s preference.

Lunch & Learn - Daily meals served in an interactive toy or food puzzle!

House Meal - We proudly service Hills Science Diet.

Laser Tag - Does your cat have lots of extra energy? Would they prefer their very own private play session? Let your kitty enjoy 15 minutes of extra special time playing with us and our kitty laser! ## Brush & Fluff - A client and a cat favorite! A thorough brushing with an added spritz of cat-friendly cologne! This does not include any de-shedding or de-matting treatments. Perfect for those who want a fresh smelling kitty at pick-up!

Nail Trim - A paw-dicure for your cat or kitty! Trims are done as tolerated by your cat. We aim to make your pet’s stay with us as comfortable as possible. Trims will be discontinued and a refund issued for any cats displaying signs of discomfort.

Ear Cleaning - Remove the dirt and wax build up in your pets ears with our soothing non-irritating ear cleanser!

Teeth Brushing - Help get those feline chompers clean with our pet-friendly toothpaste, followed by an oral rinse for fresh minty breath!

Crazy for Catnip - A fun and engaging toy specified for your cat’s size that is filled with catnip for your pet to enjoy in the personal condo.

Kat Kong - A toy and treat dispenser in one! This fun and interactive toy is filled is filled with organic, all natural salmon-flavored treats. Perfect for engaging your cat’s natural curiosity and taste buds!

Salmon and Catnip Croutons - A delicious, fresh baked medley of salmon, organic oat flour, eggs (from our very own free-range chickens!), and dried catnip. This can be in addition to your cat’s meal or served as a separate treat!

Tuna & Cheddar Cat Crisps - This tasty, all-natural treat is made from scratch using sustainably caught tuna, hand-shredded cheddar cheese and organic oat flour. Our signature ingredients are mixed together with eggs (from our very own free-range chickens!), fresh chopped parsley, and vegetable oil to taste. Baked to a “crisp” perfection!

“Milk” & Cookies - An ice cream-style treat packed with protein! Paired with a cat “cookie” made of premium, grain-free ingredients. Makes for the ideal "midnight snack"!